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Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment

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NEWT is a unique resource for its Industry Members, providing a collaborative environment whereby the educational and research expertise of all Industry Members can be leveraged to  develop next‐generation affordable, mobile, modular, high‐performance water treatment systems enabled by nanotechnology. Systems will be compact, energy efficient with the option of solar power, and adaptable to varying source water quality to meet the growing industrial and societal needs for off‐grid water supply and reuse. NEWT’s mission is articulated in its strategic plans for research, university education, pre‐college education, industrial collaboration and the innovation ecosystem, and infrastructure including diversity. NSF guidelines will apply to Intellectual Property (as defined in the Intellectual Property Management Plan) conceived or developed in the performance of the NSF funded projects, and Academic Members will be granted non‐exclusive, royalty‐free licenses for internal (non‐commercial) research and Full and Associate Members can exercise an option to negotiate an exclusive or non‐exclusive, revenue bearing license on terms to be determined, as explained in the NEWT Intellectual Property Management Plan. After the expiration of the applicable option and negotiation periods for Full and Associate Members , available Intellectual Property shall be placed in a pool of technology available to Practitioner Partners and Innovation Partners, as well as companies not participating in NEWT.

To help accomplish the NEWT’s mission, this Program has been established to create a culture of innovation and a mechanism for translating ideas from university research into professional practice. Industry Members’ guidance and active participation will help NEWT to realize its mission.


Membership in the Program is open to any corporation, company, partnership, sole proprietorship, utility, non‐profit organization or any other legally recognized business entity, or any agency of government, government office, or government organization duly authorized by the United States Government or government of any State or Nation that agrees to support NEWT’s mission and the goals of its Program and makes its annual membership contribution. For the full benefits, click here.


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