Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for     
Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment

This December, we meet online for the 2020 NEWT Mid Year Meeting. The NEWT team of students, staff and faculty will be planning next steps 2021 and beyond. 

Mid Year Meeting 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

MST 9 am - 2pm

CST 10 am - 3pm

EST 11am - 4pm

Agenda below in Central Time

10 am Overview and Charge by Pedro Alvarez

Workshop Development Section

10:15 – 11:35 am Breakout groups on workshops - CT (form the basic outline for your workshop with questions and external guest lists)

11:35 – 12:05 am two 15 min rotations of non-core group members to other breakout groups

12:05-12:50 Break for lunch and informal social event

12:50-1:00 pm Breakout group core teams get back together to refine plans based on feedback and prepare one slide on key ideas

1-1:45 Presentations of slide to larger team (5 min max with 10 min questions each)

Seed Project Reporting Section

2:00 pm Seed project results - present to the large group (5 min max - 2 min questions)

2:50 pm Wrap up and Takeaways - Pedro, Paul, Matt

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Need assistance? Text 713-478-0292 or email with questions. Meeting updates will be posted on this site, so please bookmark this page.


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